Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today's Musing: Why I Choose to do What Makes Me Happy (even if I make less)

This blog makes me slightly uncomfortable to write because there are definite moments I think back to my "before life" and shake my head.

Did I really walk out on my career to work from home?

What happens if my husband blames me for leaving a steady job (and paycheck)? I can't let him and my family down...

There are moments in the middle of the night where these questions linger in the back of my head. And I'm here, I'm still here and I'm really trying to make this blog a personal one, an honest one, where I can write down my fears and be okay with it.

I also wonder if there are any other people out there, in the same boat, making those same decisions and being okay with it.

And for those that may not be familiar with my story, I would love to share some insights along with a few key thoughts that went into making that big decision a few years ago.

I hope this helps.

1. I was good at my work, but I didn't love it: For close to ten years, I had been working in program development/fundraising in the non profit sector. I loved what the work was about and the team that I worked with. Somewhere down the road though, late at night, I found my mind wandering...my thoughts would linger on weddings. Funny, right? But when I was little and at the book store, one of my favorite things was just rummaging through wedding magazines. It's amazing when you look back on all of it.

Makes you just realize the awe of it all--how maybe our path has been decided long before we even realized it.

So, are you there right now?

2. Could you do this "new thing" every day? No, really. everyday. When you take the leap to do what you love, you are going rogue. You are doing this on your own with little to no help. Can you do this everyday? Close your eyes. If you feel like this may be something you may get bored with over time, it may a sign that you should give this more thought.

3. Assess the risk: I hear a lot of "feel good" workshops these days and sometimes they make me cringe.

Take the plunge! 

Do what makes me happy!! 

It's a dangerous slope and those phrases make cringe. It doesn't give respect to how massive making a big career jump is. Assess your risk. What will you be risking when you take the plunge out of your career? Will it be that you may not be able to go out as much? Or are there much bigger items at stake (house payment, bills, kids, etc.). Look at the big big picture. Know what you are getting into before taking the plunge.

One of the biggest moments in my life (of course, besides having kids) was that moment right before I resigned. That moment when I breathed in. I closed my eyes and took it all in. I let the tears fall. I knew what I was letting go. Easier lifestyle, steady income, benefits...but I also knew what I was gaining....more time with my husband, my boys.

I always knew my life would be interesting. Maybe not full of riches, but I knew. I knew it would be an adventure.

I hope this helps and if you are going through any of these same thoughts or have been in this same boat, would love to hear from you!