Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Story.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If there is at all, anybody out there in the internet world. I guess everyone has their own bag of reasons for why they want to start their own blog. Mine, mainly was just wanting to get a lot of thoughts out there…thoughts about my work, marriage, raising boys. This blog will be a separate entity from my work and for any business inquiries please go to my business site at www.chicsweets.com. This blog is personal and really meant to be a little window in my everyday world. 
But I figured before I get into the actual musings part I should at least introduce myself and give some background story. I live out in Land O Lakes, Florida, just north of good ole’ Tampa. For 8 years, I worked in the non profit field, working with residents to create empowering programs in their communities. Somewhere in there and up late at night I thought it would be a great idea to start my own business, creating dessert tables for brides.
For three years I juggled both full time job and a growing business–it was messy, it was exhausting and to this day I still look back at those sleepless nights and think…”Did I really do that?” 
After the birth of my third son, I took an honest look at my life and decided to make the scary jump into running my business full time. Leaving an industry that I had worked hard to make a difference in was unbelievably hard. I had moved up steadily at that point, was making good money, fantastic benefits but as cliche as it sounds, none of it mattered because I was unhappy. My husband barely knew me, my children would see me in passing when I came home late at night, annoyed they were even bothering me. But I did it. And never looked back. 
Flash forward to almost 8 years later, and I have continued to run my business. I’m not nearly (not even close) to making what I was when I was working my full time job, and some may question why I would even make such a careless decision in the first place, but one of the hardest (if not toughest) lessons I have come to learn is that the work you do takes a big chunk of who you are. I could not be the wife or mom my family deserved if I was not doing what I love. Again, I realize that statements may come off as selfish, but I am a believer that sometimes it’s okay to jump without really knowing what comes next….
So that, my virtual friends, is my story in a nutshell.
Happy Easter! 

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